Thursday, 25 July 2013

Vacation & Janet Evanovich: Stephanie Plum Series Review

I have been MIA over the last few days.  My monkeys and I hitched a ride to Oklahoma with my mom and have been enjoying some lazy days together.  I didn't bring my laptop and internet has been hit and miss. 

My last "Open Book" cover featured Two For The Dough (#2 in the Stephanie Plum series) by Janet Evanovich.  I then got caught up in the series and have been reading in pit stops, stretches of smooth Interstate, and between running around and entertaining the boys.  I'll review the series (thus far) as a whole, rather than an in-depth review of each title.   I just finished Hard Eight, so they are pretty quick stories to get through. 

My Review:

This series by Janet Evanovich follows the antics and misadventures of Jersey fugitive apprehension agent (AKA bounty hunter) Stephanie Plum as she attempts to bring in her man.  The books are full of slightly screwball humour, the characters are off the wall, her family is lovably dysfunctional, and there's always a bit of romance. 

Stephanie Plum might be the worst bounty hunter in history and is constantly finding herself in trouble. Her grandma is crazy, her cars fall prey to catastrophic incidents (my favourite to date is the garbage truck!), she hates her gun, loves her hamster, and has the luck to always apprehend her target with the occasional accidental death.  

The series are rife with mischief, adventure, fun & sexy backup characters.  The zany situations she encounters will make you giggle, and you can't help but relate to some of her outlook on life & pastries.

I enjoy this series as a light (not hard to get into) read and I enjoy the quirkiness of the novels. Some titles are hit and miss, but as a whole, the series is amusing.  Evanovich does include controversial themes and characters, so probably not for the straight & narrow crowd.  They also contain swearing so if crude language offends you, give it a pass.

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