An Open Book

I'm an open book.  No, really.  I'll share the name of my current read, even if it's a wee bit embarrassing.

Today is August 18, 2013 and I'm immersed in
The Cowboy Takes A Bride by Lori Wilde.
It's Contemporary Romance
in eBook format.


  1. Weird... I just joined Our Novel Escape group on Goodreads today and I saw your blog link and decided to take a look. And what's weird is the book I'm reading right now is Two of a Kind by Susan Mallery. I'm on page 42 or 240 on my Nook. I've read all the Fool's Gold books leading up to this one.

  2. Thanks for checking it out! If you know of any other readers, please feel free to share the blog with them. I'm always looking for recommendations and fellow book junkies to befriend. You never know what titles are lying there undiscovered.