Saturday, 6 July 2013

Review: Still Waters by Tami Hoag

First, let me say that I was all set to read Susan Mallery's Two of a Kind this weekend, but I noticed a couple books on my Overdrive shelf about to expire and return to the library unread.  Can't have that now, can we?   So I squeezed in Tami Hoag:  Still Waters & Nicole Jordan:  Princess Charming.  

From Goodreads:

The deepest waters hide the darkest secrets....

When the body of a murdered man literally falls at Elizabeth Stuart's feet, she's able to wash away the blood--but not the terror. Unwelcome newcomers to Still Creek, Minnesota, she and her troubled teenage son are treated with suspicion by the locals, including the sheriff. Yet nothing will stop her from digging beneath the town's placid surface for the truth—except the killer.

My Review:

I typically enjoy Tami Hoag's novels as they perfectly combine elements of mystery, suspense, romance, and drama.  Still Waters was no exception.   I read the eBook version.  I won't rehash the plot & premise of the book, because honestly, if you read the publisher's blurb, you get the point anyhow.  

I enjoyed the feisty attitude of the female protagonist.  Although she was frustrated with her lot in life, but willing to do what it takes to start over.  She was deeply flawed, but had me cheering for her.  Unfortunately, the male protagonist was only so-so - he lacked "something" that kept me from falling in love. The cast of supporting characters had just enough depth to them to add layers to the plot without overtaking the story and confusing us to no end.  There are some dark & scandalous neighbours in this town.  

As to the storyline itself, I had suspicions regarding the "whodunnit," but was kept guessing through out.  Hoag threw in a couple twists that weren't entirely unexpected, but worked to keep things moving and keep you from getting comfortable in your assumptions.  

As this was originally written in 1992 (I was only 11!), the lack of modern technology stands out like the proverbial "sore thumb."  I always find older novels entertaining that way... the descriptors and such are so different from those of today. 

I recommend this as a quick read if you enjoy an easy mystery/romance combo.  Take a pass if you find coarse language and sexual themes offensive.

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