The Air I Breathe

Welcome to NovelTeaseReview!  In case you wondered, that's a little play on words.  Ah, words... a wonderful thing.  Combined in a book, the air I breathe!  For me, a day without reading is a day without the sun, a hug, a smile.  Reading is my addiction, my escape, my safe place, my solace, my hobby, a frivolous novelty that I often refuse to feel guilty about.  Thank God libraries exist or I'd be broke.

Here I will share reviews and opinions on my current reads, create a bookshelf of titles I've inhaled, share quotes favourite passages, link to favourite authors, and in general, post content related to all things biblio.

My disclaimer?  I read for pleasure.  I read fluff.  I read hot and steamy, mysterious and otherworldly, Christian, historical, young adult, chick lit, and everything in between.   History, small towns, intimate scenes, blood, romance, murder, mayhem, heartbreak, hope - I'm okay with it all.  You will not see a single pretentious review and will probably shake your heads at some of the titles I read, insights I share, and how absolutely excited I can find myself in the midst of it all.  My tastes and opinions are not for everyone... and that's okay, because I read for me, and I love it!

I'm a mom of 2 active boys (active:  read loud and rough) so books are my quiet place and I will fit in a read wherever I can - I've been known to stir the soup on the stove with a book in hand.  I'm in my young thirties.  I work from home.  I would rather read than watch a movie.  I used to fall asleep with a light under my covers, book flat on my face.  I have a love-hate relationship with digital books.  We're working on that.  I love the smell of a library, a used bookstore, and have a soft spot for a pretty cover or illustration.   My all time favourite book?  Little Women.  It's a classic for a reason!

Pour a tea, find a blanket, get cozy!  Let's be friends:  you, me, and this wonderful world of books.

~ LB

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