Sunday, 8 September 2013


The last few weeks of summer seemed to pass in a blur.  With two little monkeys ready to cram as much as possible into the August days before school started again and an overwhelming number of work-related orders, we actually didn't have much time to read, let alone review any books!

I am not saying I didn't read - I'd probably be a very difficult person to live with if I didn't have a chance to decompress or get lost in a novel. However, I didn't read nearly as voraciously, and most of the books were a quick escape - fluff, if you will, rather than great literary works.  

Now that the children are back in school and our schedule resembles something with structure, the days are not as crazy and I'm finding time for me again.  I will post reviews or at least a quick synopsis of the books I read and will keep you updated on what I'm reading now.  I received a surprising number of ARCs over the last few weeks and have yet to crack their spines.  I can't wait to get lost in their pages.  

Apologies for the absence!

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